Password Cracking using Hashcat

September 20, 2023 0 Comments

First, l am going to disable Defender by running the following command from an Administrator PowerShell prompt (as, of course, password crackers tend to show up as malware on a system):

The red errors means that Defender is not running on my system anymore.

Now, I need to open a Command Prompt and navigate to the hashcat directory.

I can start cracking some NT hashes. To do that, I am going to run hashcat against the NT hashes. These are the hashes that almost all modern Windows systems store these days.

Hashcat succeeded in cracking these paswords.

Now I want to talk a little bit about how to actually get to these passwords in the first place? An attacker would first exploit a system (using metasploit for example), then he would dump the password ashes (which would require the attacker to have admin level privileges) , crack these passwords (maybe using hashcat like I just did) and then he would use these cracked passwords to pivot and move laterally in the environment he is exploiting.

I can also try and crack some MD5 hashes

Now that the passwords have been cracked, as an attacker my next move would be the use these passwords in the environment we managed to infiltrate.

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